Neil Ellis

Your member of parliament for

Bay of Quinte

Neil Ellis

Your member of parliament for

Bay of Quinte


Bay of Quinte Riding Commemorative 150th Coin

Bay of Quinte Riding Commemorative 150th Coin Committee Nomination Instructions


The Member of Parliament 150th Commemorative Coin will be awarded to any constituent of the riding who has demonstrated a high level of individual excellence and achievement in any field benefiting the people of the Bay of Quinte Riding. This award can be for one individual achievement or can recognize a body of work.

The deadline for all nominations is October 9, 2017. The awards ceremony will be held in the fall.


Nominees must be:

  • Residents of the Bay of Quinte Riding;
  • A Canadian citizen or Permanent Resident; and
  • Living persons at the time of the nomination (any constituent can be nominated regardless of age).

Nominations will not be accepted if:

  • They are self-nominated;
  • Nominees are serving elected federal, provincial, municipal representatives; or
  • For political appointees if the achievements for which they are being nominated are related to their current appointment.

The coin is an individual award. It will not be awarded to any organization or group of individuals.

When submitting an application nominators will be asked to attest to the statement, “To the best of my knowledge and/or ability, the person nominated on this form has not been convicted of a crime for which a pardon/record suspension has not been granted.”

How are the recipients selected?

All nominations are considered and selected by an Advisory Committee consisting of geographical representatives from throughout the riding.

When are the awards presented?

The awards will be presented at a function to be held in the fall of 2017. Location and timings TBA.

How do I make a nomination?

  • Fill out and submit a completed and signed nomination form.
  • Attach to the Nomination:
  • Detail of the achievement(s) (500 words max) describing:
    • Time served in organization(s);
    • An achievement (or achievements) which is (are) worthy of notable recognition;
    • The impact of the achievement(s);
    • How the achievement(s) enriched our community and/or the lives of others;
    • Examples of ongoing leadership and dedication showing significant or sustained contributions; and
    • When the achievement(s) were initiated and completed.
  • To submit your nomination you can do one of the following:
    • Fill out the form on line, save it and email it to, using Commemorative Coin Nomination in the subject line;
    • Drop off the completed nomination form to the Constituency Office; and/or
    • Fax the completed nomination form to the Constituency Office at 613-969-3313.
    • Blank nomination forms can also be picked up at the Constituency Office.
  • Three signed references[1] (the nominator counts as one) who have direct knowledge of the value and impact of the achievement(s) and who support the nomination. Please ensure the contact information (address, telephone number and email) for the references is included.

[1] Should an organization wish to nominate one of its members then the signature of the organization’s President, CEO, Chair plus one other endorsement will suffice.

BLANK Commemorative 150th Coin Nomination Form